About Us

World's largest Hotel advisor.

HotelsChecking.com, helps travelers and hoteliers to find each other with updated information from hoteliers and reviews from guest that have been at each hotel.

HotelsChecking.Com also helps travelers to find the best hotel price comparisons from World's hotels booking sites with real-time deals on one quick and easy search.

HotelsChecking.Com owns over 12 websites about 240.000 hotels worldwide such as www.all-hoteliers.com. All of these websites are updated with daily information, reviews, and pictures from worldwide hoteliers and travelers.

We are a professional team specialized in powerful media technology and dedicated to worldwide hotel advertising. Since 2012 we have been building the World's largest hotel advisor website. We worked hard to develop the most popular website for over 240.000 hotels in over 200 countries where hoteliers can manage and access their own administration panel and directly enter or update unique information of their hotel themselves.

HotelsChecking.Com speaks 46 languages via automatic translation and 120 currencies. HotelsChecking.Com has over 100 million visitors every year where travelers can exchange their questions about hotels that they plan to stay in, and with daily updated information from hotel owners.

Our software helps travelers find the best hotel deals and price comparisons from over 32 hotel booking websites, so they can make their own best choice.